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The Milford on Sea Charitable Trust (MoSCT) was established in January 2017 to serve as an umbrella charity for voluntary community organisations in Milford on Sea, Keyhaven and Everton. The charity is registered with the Charity Commission (1172750). The members of the charity belong to the Milford on Sea Community Panel, a networking group of individuals who represent a range of local voluntary organisations. The aim is twofold:

  • To support existing groups
  • To support new projects which benefit people living in the parish of Milford on Sea.

The Charity is registered for gift aid. When an individual makes a donation, they can make it directly to the group or project they wish to support, or can donate to the charity itself. Any general funds which are donated will be allocated to new or existing projects.

The charity currently supports the following  groups:

Milford on Sea Charitable Trust Home

The charity provides a bank account, insurance, DBS checks for volunteers, and general advice.

Any Milford on Sea voluntary organisation whose members think they could benefit from coming under the umbrella can join the Community Panel. Existing members, and any new members of the Panel are eligible to be members of the charity, which is administered by its  Trustees. The panel meetings are the main forum for monitoring existing projects, and discussing new projects and ideas, and how they might be introduced and managed. We are looking for ideas for new projects to come forward from the Community, which would, in turn, attract more donations.  

For more information, please use the contact page.